Let there be light…

Right, this is take two. Take one was the brief foray with Blogspot and my unimaginatively titled blog ‘Music, Games and Stuff’ which never really got going, think I was trying to be too wordy for the blog format, which also lead me to update rather infrequently which sort of betrays all the advantages blogging has over traditional media types.

So this is me succumbing to the norm, except I’ll still try to stay on message and that message will be mostly music, although I won’t discipline the blog to death and there probably will be some random waffling about films, games, politics and well…stuff.

The title, for anyone that’s interrested, is inspired by Hillary Clinton’s concession that she ‘misspoke’ (lied) when she previously insisted that she landed under sniper fire when visiting Bosnia, when infact the very opposite happened, its completely irrevalent to the topic of this blog and probably isn’t a good start for staying on message, but it sounds edgy and ‘ahead of the curve’


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