Who is the biggest artist in the world right now?

According to the BBC’s ‘Sound Index‘ it’s Coldplay. The site is the BBC’s response to music blog aggregators such as The Hypemachine and Elbows, although as you would expect from the BBC it’s considerably less cutting edge or original in its content as it aggregates information from sites such as iTunes, Last.fm and Youtube rather than independant music blogs.

It’s an interesting snapshot of the nation’s taste in music and is undoubtedly more indicative of the musical tastes of the UK, but beyond that it feels a little pointless. I could have guessed that Coldplay and Rihanna were amongst the most listened to artists in the UK at the moment, and like most people I’ve already made my mind up on the quality of their music. Despite the obvious bias towards indie darlings and remixes of those indie darlings, sites such as Hypemusic offer somthing new, somthing fresh. All the Sound Index offers is a briefly intriguing snapshot of overexposed artists which could only be foreseeably used as bragging rights by retards.

On the subject of the UK’s favourite purveyors of inoffensive Soft Rock, their snappily titled new album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, comes out June 12th, and I’ve kindly hosted the lead single, Violet Hill and it’s alternative video (which worringly makes Hillary Clinton feature in both of my posts so far) below for your aural and visual pleasure.


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