New Beck. And Justice remix Lupe

Beck has released a tasty snippet of his forthcoming album ‘Modern Guilt‘ for all us lucky people. As you would expect it doesn’t really sound like anything on 2006’s ‘The Information’. There’s a definate 60’s psychaldeic vibe to it, very dark and errie and the hushed moany vocals are quite evocative of some of Pink Floyd‘s early stuff which goes down well in my book. The false ending and instrumental reprise reminds me of Helter Skelter by The Beatles a lot too in theme with the whole 60’s feel.

MP3:Chemtrails – Beck

In other news Parisian House duo, Justice, responsible for one of my favourite albums of 2007 are to remix Lupe Fiasco‘s sophomore effort ‘The Cool’. As a fan of both artists it promises to be interesting to say the least. Although I must admit I hope it gets a little ‘tighter’ than this initial effort which sees The Coolest meet Let There Be Light, it comes across a little lazy and the songs never really gel together into somthing that you could call a genuine reworking.

Anyway, I’ll let you make your own minds up about that.

MP3: The Coolest vs Let There Be Light – Lupe Fiasco & Justice


3 responses to “New Beck. And Justice remix Lupe

  1. Hey can you please renew this link, i actually like the song but i cant get it because the link expired… 😦

  2. I renewed the Justice vs Lupe remix which I presume is what you were talking about. Guess the idea of Lupe Fiasco/Justice remix album was just rumour.

    If you meant the Beck song, stop being a cheapskate and get the album it’s very good. 😉

  3. seriously??
    this justice/lupe track is just a mash up someone did.
    justice are not involved at all.
    there will be no such album.

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