Common goes old-school with Pharrel and MSTRKRFT go epic

Common isn’t messing around, capitalising on the relative commercial success of last year’s Finding Forever he’s coming back with Time Travellin‘ an album we’re told that will mark a significant departure away from his established ‘socially conscious’ style of rap and jazzy musical style. If this first snippet, Universal Mind Control, is anything to go by it’ll be brilliant, it’s a proper flashback to a bygone style of HipHop, its a very Bambaataaish in sound, Common lets loose and abandons his usually serious style as he flows over a brilliant Neptunes’ beat even the cheap sounding vocoder Pharrel uses on the chorus is straight from the 80’s. All in all it’s a very fun and unpretensious fun record from an artist who is often associated with the very opposite.

MP3:Universal Mind Control – Common ft Pharrel

Sticking with the electro style, MSTRKRFT, who I was introduced to as a side project to one of my favourite bands, drum and bass punk duo Death From Above 1979. Have also got a new track ‘out there’ rather confusingly titled ‘vuvuvu’ it’s a straight out house number with a relentlessly crescendoing keys, altered beyond all recognition. At 1:30 in it crescendoes, slowly edging upwards with a cinematic intensity before breaking down and strating that same relentess climb. You could argue its a song without any real destination and yea it relies on the same melody and beat throughout, but its one hell of a journey.

MP3: Vuvuvu – MSTRKRFT


2 responses to “Common goes old-school with Pharrel and MSTRKRFT go epic

  1. i loved UMC! so fresh and still so oldschool

  2. common is my cousinso awesome

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