Why Clinton has lost

Yea I know, Hillary Clinton again, well…less Hillary Clinton and more the 2008 Democratic primary which I have found capitivating. Admittedly this is a rather lazy post done on the 11th hour just to keep up my post a day mantra. I’m not out of ideas or new music to share, just rather tired and busy with exams starting next week. I’ll try and keep posting daily, but I’ll probably be looking for new music to share a lot less actively, but the site seems to be ticking over nicely anyway, im getting a nice trickle of views which is great.

Im not sure this post will be a ‘ratings hit’ but it is an interesting arcticle on why Clinton’s “calender arguement” doesn’t make much sense despite the precedents she cited the other week.


“In 1968, the Democratic race kicked off with the New Hampshire primary on March 12; when Robert Kennedy was killed, the campaign was not quite three months old. In 1992, the first contest was the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 10; by the beginning of June, candidates had been battling for about 3 1/2 months — and it was clear that Bill Clinton would be the nominee, though he hadn’t technically wrapped it up.

This year, the Iowa caucuses were held on Jan. 3, the earliest date ever. Other states scrambled to move their contests up in the calendar as well. When June arrives, the candidates will have been slogging through primaries and caucuses for five full months — a good deal longer than in those earlier campaign cycles.

So Clinton’s disturbing remark wasn’t wishful thinking — as far as I know (to quote Clinton herself, when asked earlier this year about false rumors that her opponent Barack Obama is a Muslim). Clearly, it wasn’t logical thinking. It can only have been magical thinking, albeit not the happy-magic kind.

Clinton has always claimed to be the cold-eyed realist in the race, and at one point maybe she was. Increasingly, though, her words and actions reflect the kind of thinking that animates myths and fairy tales: Maybe a sudden and powerful storm will scatter my enemy’s ships. Maybe a strapping woodsman will come along and save the day.”


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