The ‘cult’ of Emo.

I was browsing the BBC News website as I normally do first thing of a morning, just to make sure a nuclear war hasn’t broken out whilst I’ve been lying in to the early afternoon, and I was greeted with this well intentioned article.

So I wrote this in response for the comments page at the bottom, the BBC didn’t publish it but I like to get these things off my chest.

Can the media stop making out that emos are some sort of special sub culture of teenagers whose emotions are more finely tuned, are more law abiding and are just generally ‘nicer’.

These traits exist in them before they hit puberty and decide to don skinny jeans and put on black mascara, it’s hilarious that the media and many of the public seem to be suggesting that emos take some sort of ‘code of honour’ to not commit crime and be generally nice, they don’t! In the same way that ‘chavs’ are not created at birth or consciously decide to join a gang that will see their life and those around them turn for the worse. It is merely as a consequence of upbringing and moral codes that the individual carries. It is just creating an even more damaging sense of ‘Us and them’ which will just breed more hatred.

To the parents in this comment box who declare they would rather their son or daughter be an emo, “cause they do so well” or “Look at how many emo and Goth kids go on to higher education”, why not encourage your children to do what they want in life, to wear what they want and to listen to what they like? More ’Emos’ and ’Goths’ go to University because it is a fashion trend or a clique that is far more common amongst middle classed, well to do children, who have the capacity to succeed and do well as a consequence of their upbringing, in the same way that ’Chavs’ do the very opposite because they do not. These types of children exist in these ‘social groups’ as a consequence of their upbringing, not the other way around.

Don’t be so misguided to think that playing MCR whilst your little darling is in the womb will create a upstanding member of society, or shoving your hell-raising son into a MCR t-shirt and piping Fallout Boy into his room whilst he sleeps will turn his life around and get those grades up.

It’s just another fashion statement that ties in with a music genre that produces some awful music, there’s no rock cult, nor are they a special bunch of hyper-literate poets in waiting. It’s just a music scene that teenagers like to cling to, to have some sense of belonging. Emos are no more eloquent or gifted than any other ‘kind’ of teenager, the kind who manages to express themselves and communicate their feelings perfectly fine without wearing massively undersized clothing and listening to massively theatrical music.

As you may have guessed, I hate this “Us and Them” attitude that seems to prevail over teen/youth culture. We live in a age where a huge variety of music is at our finger tips (Thanks to blogs like this!), we have hundreds of television channels and a million sites to express ourselves on. Yet youth culture seems so harshly divided along fashion and musical taste. We have ‘Indies’ ‘Emos’ ‘Goths’ ‘Chavs’ ‘Nu-Ravers’ all of which makes me gag at the thought that anyone would willingly stamp any of those labels onto themselves and not only have these groups clearly defined the a indviduals taste in music, but how favourably they are looked upon by society, to the point where we have people looking into this ridiculous mess and commenting “Look how much nicer Emos are, aren’t emos lovely!”.

Anyway im going around in circles. But please, wear what you want, listen to as much music as you possibly can, it’s a wonderful thing and it’s terrible that it’s became deemed unacceptable to listen to certain genres because you are a ’emo’ or a ‘indie’ or whatever people like calling themselves nowdays.


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