Ratatat reminds me of the 80’s. Soulwax remix Justice

Ok, so I was only alive for 6 days of the 80’s but the influences, sounds and look the decade streches out far beyond 1989. And that logo instantly throws up memories of cartoons such as Thundercats and He-Man. Simiarlly the music sounds like the era, this track Mirando off this summers forthcoming ‘LP3’ mixes up more organic ‘world music’ sounds with the sounds of a 8-bit soundtrack that feels like its taken straight off a SNES videogame.

MP3: Ratatat – Mirando

I’ve already had Justice remixing Lupe Fiasco, now I have Justice being remixed themselves. But this time with far greater success. Enjoy, Soulwax remixing album highlight ‘Phantom pt II’

MP3: Soulwax ft Justice – Phantom Pt II


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