WE’LL DO IT LIVE! And various remixes

Just to continue this blogs continued slump into a irrevalent, lazy video blog rather than my stated aim of it being a mp3 blog. Here’s another video! This time it’s good old Mr. ‘Fair and Balanced’ losing it if you haven’t seen it before – enjoy.

And like all great this significant piece begs to be remixed, or rather reinterpreted and transformed. Here’s my pick of the bunch.

Here the video is remixed around the now culturally significant utterances of “WE’LL DO IT LIVE” and “To play us out?” Intercut with imagery suggestive of some sort of apocalypse. Indeed O’Reilly himself is transformed into a devil like figure of dread. A. omnious bass line and stringed out synths give the peice of more cinematic feel and help the remixer acheive this goal.

A rather more simple effect is employed here. The author of this peice appears to have simply slowed down the video for humurous effect.

A rather more avant garde peice of video editing in which the event is deconstructed and restablished in a far more consice format, focusing on the key dialogue and glitching it beyond recognition for the viewers enjoyment.

And congratulations to Barack Obama in finally clinching the Democratic nomination. I’ve been following it from the start, despite being a brit the whole process has been utterly fascinating. Many a late night has been spent watching votes come in over the past 6 months, and as a result im probably going to fail my A levels.


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