New Danger track

The French do seem particuarlly good at delivering that unique style of “all out” House music, with huge distorted basslines and pounding drums creating a particuarlly intense sound that’s rarely replicated well. The most prominent exporters of this sound have of course been Daft Punk, Justice and various other artists of the Ed Banger label.

Danger will hopefully follow these fine artists in that great pantheon, I became aware of his music whilst searching for artists similar to Justice. His only release so far, the “9/14 2007” E.P is a promising showcase of his sound, a sort of glitchy, intense, almost cinematic style of house music that sounds like a mix of Modeselektor and Justice. The big distorted basslines and arpeggiated riffs are there in abundance along with joyously indulgent glitching.

It’s also impossible to describe his sound without falling back on the same cliches of dance music so I’ll just shut up and leave you a couple of tracks, one of the aftermentioned E.P, “19h11” and a newly leaked track “7h46”, hopefully both of which will find their way onto an album release.

MP3: Danger – 9h11
MP3: Danger – 7h46


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