Long Blondes’ guitarist “seriously ill”

The Long Blondes have been making the headlines recently amongst the blogosphere, but sadly it’s for all the wrong reasons. An annoucement of their website yesterday revealed that guitarist and songwriter Dorian Cox had been taken “seriously ill” resulting in the band cancelling all live dates this side of August, including an appearance at Glastonbury and a support date with Duran Duran at the 02 Arena.

Rumours are that he’s had a stroke, although that is just hearsay and seems very unlikely considering they plan to continue touring in August.

On 9th June, Dorian was rushed to hospital after falling ill, and he is still in hospital in Sheffield in a serious condition. Because of this we will regrettably be canceling all our live appearances until the end of July (see below). Dorian is improving slowly and we will keep you updated on his condition. If you would like to leave a message on MySpace, Facebook, or through the website, we would be glad to pass them on to him when we visit.

Feel better soon Dors.

The Long Blondes xx

List of cancelled dates:

21st June – One Love Festival – Istanbul, Turkey
29th June – Glastonbury Festival, John Peel stage
3rd July – O2 Arena, London (with Duran Duran)
5th July – Pop Circus – Milan, Italy
7th July – Birmingham NIA (with Duran Duran)
18th July – Summercase – Barcelona, Spain
19th July – Summercase – Madrid, Spain

Just so that this post isn’t a total downer I’ve posted a couple of excellent B-side by these guys who are one of my (new) favourite bands.

First is I’m Coping off the Giddy Stratospheres EP, which has a great relentless marching bassline interjected with a nervy scratchy guitar riff before the song changes into a upbeat, defiant pop song in the final 40 seconds, with Kate proudly bellowing “Now if anybody wants me then you know where I am/If it’s an emergency, otherwise I’m coping on my own” in stark contrast to songs dark, regretful and cavernous opening.

MP3: Long Blondes – I’m Coping

Last, but not least is ‘Never to be repeated’ which has a great girl group feel to it with the backing vocals and Jackson puts on this faux nasally british accent which sounds great on the verses which are delivered with real style. The Choruses are a bit crap in comparison, but hey its a B-side what do you expect!

MP3: Long Blondes – Never to be repeated

Here’s to a speedy recovery for Dorian. Get well soon!


2 responses to “Long Blondes’ guitarist “seriously ill”

  1. The link for the mp3s isn’t working and I am dying for these songs!

  2. That might be because the post is 14 months old! 😀

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