Girl Talk is fun

Haven’t updated in quite a while, it’s not good enough and I hate myself for it but I’ve been being indulgently lazy now that I’m sort of unemployed, going up to bed at 6 in the morning and waking up in time for dinner is not fun or a good lie in, I wouldn’t recommend it. But I’ve found some time in my “schedule” to do a post now.

Anyway I’ve just gotten Girl Talk’s 4th album ‘Feed the Animals’, he’s “Done a Radiohead” so the album is available for free on his myspace. And quite frankly it’s fucking amazing, well maybe amazing is the wrong word, it’s not a classic piece of music, but it’s really, really fun. It’s one of the few albums that has made me smile constantly throughout, you can’t help but do it as you recognise samples from various and disparate artists merged together to create something new.

I mean the idea of creating a song by merging samples of Arvil Lavinge, Jay Z, Aphex Twin and Rod Stewart is inherently ridiculous, but he pulls it off and it’s a joy to listen, I’m not sure of the longevity of the album, I can see it getting very old very quickly as much of my enjoyment and “Lulz” is coming from recognising the samples, once I’m aware of them on subsequent listens it might become a little stale.

That’s not to say the songs aren’t great, it’s not just the novelty of the samples that makes it an enjoyable album, the songs are carefully crafted and he does a great job of creating hooks from hooks but the overtness of the samples in comparison to say, DJ Shadow’s seminal Endtroducing, means that the songs lack a certain depth. DJ Shadow’s Endtroudcing worked because you could rarely recall the samples used and if you did he often used relatively anonymous chunks of the song.

Here Girl Talk unashamedly uses the juiciest, catchiest and most recognisable songs from a broad section of the century’s most memorable tunes and it works just fine. Think of it as more of a journey through modern pop music, a celebration of pop in all its guises rather than a serious reworking or transformation.

If my persuasive and writing skills are that inept that I can’t persuade you to download a free album, I’ve attached a track below. Set it Off features Rhianna, Jay Z, Radiohead and Mary J Bilge to name a few.


MP3: Girl Talk – Set it Off


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