Little Boots, Meddle & Stuck on Repeat

After briefly worrying that I might be a sexist, I’ve been scouring the internets for female artists in order to bridge the gender divide and come across “Little Boots” – no that picture of her sitting in undies on her bed wasn’t what drew me to her, her music is actually quite good too, which goes to show that women can be quite good at things sometimes!

She seems to only have two tracks out there but they’re both worringly good, I imagine it’s only a matter of time before she gets some exposure and a record deal. She is pretty much the only artist that I’ve been consistently listening to inbeteewn big Radiohead sessions after seeing them at Victoria Park. Anyway, I’ve uploaded those two tracks for you to enjoy and be simiarlly effusive about.

The first is ‘Stuck on Repeat’ a 7 minute disco/funk/electropop work out with a glorious build up and wonderful layering of beats and appregiated melodies complete with some seriously sassy vocoded vocals that give her voice a nice robotic metallic kick to them as she sings the songs central hook.

MP3: Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat

The second is a more straightforward dirtypop, sort of like Hot Chip meets Timbaland via, um I don’t know really. It’s good though!

MP3: Little Boots – Meddle


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