Justice LA Riot remixes

As well as a considerable amount of remixes by Justice.There’s been a constant stream of remixes of Justice’s huge 2007 album, as those in the electro genre try and grab some fame by reinterpreting some of the Parisian duo’s bigger hits. For the most part, these remixes are immediately forgettable. But rarely the remixer manages to provide somthing genuinely good.

Here LA Riots manage to out-Justice, Justice. The Party was one of the weaker tracks off of The Cross, it was a little flat and Uffie’s cringeworthy rap ‘skills’ made it one of the rare duds on the album. But LA Riot have made it a little more immediate and a little dirtier. Uffie’s vocals are glitched up and played around to add to the songs rhythm, which also has the benefit of depriving us of having to hear her awful rhymes and makes it sound, along with the increased prominence on the bassline, more like Justice.

Also included is a remix of D.V.N.O which is less impressive in its improvements, but that is more down to the fact that the original is quite good, unlike The Party

MP3: Justice feat LA Riots – The Party

MP3: Justice feat LA Riots – D.V.N.O


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