New Imogen Heap – Not Now But Soon

Imogen Heap has always come across as one of the less successful Bjork imitators. Her work has largely passed me by as largely derivative of Bjork’s and her attempts at appearing as ‘cooky’ and idiosyncratic seem a little false. I’m probably wrong on that count, but regardless her work does little for me. Apart from the admittedly beautiful ‘Hide and Seek’ I’m constantly reminded of far better female songwriters when I listen to her.

Anyway, she has a ‘new’ song that’s ‘out there’;‘Not Now But Soon’. On the minimal research I’ve done for this, it appears this was on the Heroes official soundtrack in March, but it’s not on any of her solo albums so fuck it. I presume it will be from her upcoming, untitled solo album.

I don’t really thing the song does much for me, but maybe it will for you.

So here’s some new Imogen Heap! And just so I’m not posting only mediocre songs I’ve also posted the wonderful ‘Hide and Seek’ for all you lucky people.

MP3: Imogen Heap – Not Now But Soon

MP3: Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek

Imogen Heap’s 2006 album Speak For Yourself is available to buy from Amazon.


One response to “New Imogen Heap – Not Now But Soon

  1. Thanks for the song,
    I’m looking for Imogen Heap for so long…

    I’m from indonesia…
    It’s nice to have ‘blog walking’ in yours…
    Nice blog,,


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