Bloc Party – Mercury

Well it happened eventually. At 11am the mysterious countdown on Bloc Party’s homepage changed into…another countdown. Well, an annoucement or rather a plug of Zane Lowe’s radio show for 7:30 pm. Presumably when some sort of annoucement or new track would be revealed.

This was rather pointless and pissed off a few people. But after a patient wait they were rewarded with a new song “Mercury”. Kele popped in and Zane Lowe got predictably excited and starting brown nosing in his uniquely ‘enthusiastic’ fasion and then – the song was revealed.

And it was shit.

I’ll let you make your own mind up, I’ve included a stream and download below. It’s a recording of a radio broadcast so the quality isn’t terrific, but it doesn’t really matter, as neither is the song.

It’s another step in the dance direction for the band but it’s not as good or as catchy as Flux. The song feels really unstructured, the verses are forgettable, lost under the opressive tribal drums, horns, synths and other various noises in what is an extremely busy and messy track. The chorus of “My Mercury’s in retrograde” Delivered in Kele’s trademark yelp is glitched back and forth ad nausuem and beings to grate after a very short time.

Even the music video is confusingly and horrifically bad.

All in all in sounds like a bad remix of an average song. Mercury is released as a single on August 11th hopefully it won’t be representative of the new album as a whole. I’m by no means a traditionalist, nor do I wish that Bloc Party would stick to their Silent Alarm sound, innovation and a progression of sound is important. But this isn’t it.

MP3: Bloc Party – Mercury


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