Cut Copy – Cold Youth. In Ghost Colours UK Bonus track

In Ghost Colours has got to be one of the, if not the album of 2008. There’s been a lot of good albums this year but this one might just take the crown when I retire in my Christmas Holidays to write up the end of year lists.

Anyway, it turns out the UK physical releases of this gem got a lovely bonus track – ‘Cold Youth’. British, European and American artists tend to reserve these extra nuggests for Japan but I guess the Australians do things the other way around.

The song is surpisingly ‘rocky’. Undoubtedly many of the album’s highlights wear their New Wave and Dance Rock influences their sleeve, but none so blantantly as Cold Youth. The opening minute or so is nearly unrecognisable as a Cut Copy tune, until those recognisable synths and keys come in.

It’s a worthy addition to the album nonetheless and perhaps points to a future Cut Copy with a more prominent rock sound.

MP3: Cut Copy – Cold Youth


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