Just a Band – We Are…

Rather humourously this appears as “We Are… – Just a Band” on my Last.fm or MSN ‘Currently Listening to’ which of course looks like ‘We are…Just a Band’ which makes the band and song appear to be making a beautifully modest statement on their musical capabilities.

This is a good song, more French (but sadly not parisian) Dance music. Imagine Justice, but 89% more electropop and with the ridiculously dirty bass lines and beats turned down to 6.

As well as releasing songs with titles that can prove to be confusing and creating necklaces displaying their groups name to be worn by random models. Just a Band also have a new EP out, called ‘We Are’. (Arghhh) Check it out on their Myspace which also has plenty of other songs and remixes.


MP3: Just a Band – We Are…


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