Is It Love or Just Paris?

Despite all the hype, I’m not a huge fan of Ladyhawke‘s supposed “summer hit” ‘Paris is Burning’. The melody sounds infuriatingly like Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’, the song is very repetitive and her husky and strained vocals begin to grate after the first chorus.

Remixers to the rescue then! Like Sharks circling waiting for the kill, various remixers have flocked to this potential summer anthem, hoping to get a piece of the action. Amongst them are the ever reliable Cut Copy and the ever unpredictable Peaches.

Both remixes offer considerably different spins on the song and thankfully they’re both, in the opinion of somthing who dislikes the original, far better than the original. Cut Copy turn it into an altogether more funky and danceable prospect, whereas Peaches goes, as you would expect, a bit more abrasive and nasty.

Also as a sort of a relevant aside. I couldn’t help but post this gem on Ladyhawke’s Myspace.


MP3: Ladyhawke – Paris is Burning (Peaches Remix)

MP3: Ladyhawke – Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)

(Sorry I can’t get a stream for the Cut Copy Remix. My googlepages isn’t uploading it for some reason)


2 responses to “Is It Love or Just Paris?

  1. You know what? I’m with you on the Numan-verse bit. However, I’m not convinced that the song isn’t without merit; it’s a catchy little number, and the girl has potential for the future.

    I saw Ladyhawke at Glastonbury, and my personal view is that Paris Is Burning is a hook track to get people listening and then – get this! – discover that they’re actually a pretty rockin’ band. I haven’t found anywhere on the interweb that has Magic to listen to, but trust me – Pip Brown rocks it!


  2. Oh arse – forgot to add this to my comment. FYI, in person Pip’s scarily thin. The poor girl really needs to eat a couple of pies.

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