Radiohead – House of Cards Video

Pretty special. ‘Filmed’ or rather created without the use of silly technology such as the camera. Instead Radiohead decided to employ technologies such as Geometric Informatics and Velodyne Lidar, how it works? I’ll leave it to the press release.

“The Geometric Informatics scanning system employs structured light to capture detailed 3D images at close proximity, and was used to render the performances of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, the female lead, and several partygoers. The Velodyne Lidar system uses multiple lasers to capture large environments in 3D, in this case 64 lasers rotating and shooting in a 360 degree radius 900 times per minute, capturing all of the exterior scenes and wide party shots.”

Directed by Jamie Frost, this form of music video (can you even use ‘video’ anymore?) creation may not necessarily be the future but it creates some nice and strangely poignant effects for such a seemingly cold design style. As is echoed by Thom Yorke himself:

“I always like the idea of using technology in a way that it wasn’t meant to be used, the struggle to get your head round what you can do with it. I liked the idea of making a video of human beings and real life and time without using any cameras, just lasers, so there are just mathematical points– and how strangely emotional it ended up being.”

And in continuing to push the boundaries of music production, music distribution and general media creation. Radiohead will be sharing the data used to create the video so fans can do their own crazy stuff with it, akin to the Nude remix contest.

And for those who have no idea what or how they would be able to use such alien technology a “Making of…” video has also been released.


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