Little Boots album in 2009?

It’s been just under a month since I first fell in love with Little Boots, imparticular her sultry electropop work out ‘Stuck on Repeat’. Now it seems she’s making some serious waves after dominating the blogosphere for the past few weeks.

The ex Dead Disco member has begun recording what will be her currently untitled debut album and hopes to see it released ‘next year’.


The former Dead Disco woman has been recording material for her solo album in Los Angeles with producer Greg Kurstin, who is also working with Lily Allen on her forthcoming album.

“It’s getting close now–the core of (the album) is done,” Hesketh told NME.COM. “I’m hoping it will be tied up by the end of fall and released in the UK next year.”

n addition to the already-released club hit ‘Stuck On Repeat’, song titles may include ‘Magical’, ‘Click’, ‘Skeleton Girl’, ‘Every Little Earthquake’ and ‘Mathematics’.

“I’ve got more than enough tracks for the album,” she said, adding that it will be a challenge to narrow them down for the final cut.

Hesketh has also been working with Joe Goddard from Hot Chip on some tracks. “He knows what I’m into — we’re both fans of really well-written pop songs,” she said. “We do most of it over email because he’s busy on tour. It’s very 21st century.”

And a nice little treat for our American cousins.

Since a US release date for the album has not yet been determined, Little Boots is readying an EP for a Stateside release on IAMSOUND records to satiate the demand that has been created through blog and media buzz.

“People came down especially to see me,” she said of her DJ gig at Steve Aoki’s club night at LAX the night before. “It shows the power of the internet.”

The EP will include a Fake Blood remix of ‘Stuck On Repeat’ and the track ‘Meddle’.

In related news. Little Boots will appear on BBC 6 radio ‘sometime’ on the 31st of July, keep an eye out on her Myspace… or listen to the station the whole day to find out when.

A 7″ vinyl of Meddle is also due to released on the 4th of August.

To celebrate all this wonderful news here’s a short video from her “1st ever gig” (although it just looks like a low budget tv appearance to me)


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