New Kings of Leon song ‘Crawl’ available today!

I’m not sure when Kings of Leon got so big. Big enough to warrant headlining Glastonbury at least, but maybe that’s more down to what was a weak Glastonbury headliner wise, rather than as a statement of their world conquering popularity.

Regardless Kings of Leon are definately making the most of their new found ubiquity. After releasing the admittedly excellent ‘Because of the Times’ last year they look set to follow up that success in the studio with another album ‘Only By The Night’ due out – with Arctic Monkey style quickness – on September the 22nd.

And as seems to (thankfully) be the trend this year, they are releasing a taster of that forthcoming album as a free download. ‘Crawl’ will be available for download from NME.COM beteewn 3pm and 5pm GMT time. I’m not sure why NME are only offering it for download for 2 hours, they can’t be that niave to think that people will only be getting it from them. Anyway, if you miss that small window I’ll be uploading the song here sometime this evening along with my initial impressions.

MP3: Kings of Leon – Charmer


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