New Music: The Mummers

The Mummers hail from Brighton and are composed of Raissa Khan-Panni (vocals), Mark Horwood (music) and Paul Sandrone (production). It may be a lazy comparison and – if they make it big – it’s one that they will probably become overly familar with, but they do sound rather like Bjork. Lead singer Raissa has the same sort of idiosyncratic but impressive vocal style and she does sound worringly like her at times. Even down to the way she phases the pronounciation of certain ways.

The music is much akin to Bjork’s more whimisical and ‘pop’ work, rather than her forays into the avant garde and dance music. Despite the sometimes distracting likenesses to Iceland’s most famous export. The Mummers do manage to burrow their own ‘orchestra-pop’ niche quite ably. The music outside of the vocals is not so immediately evocative of other artists, it has a certain global, world music feel to it which may be down to Raissa’s travelling history, having trekked across India at 12 and covering the whole of America and Europe by 18.

If you enjoy Bjork, Bat for Lashes, Joanna Newsom and thier ilk then definately check them out. Thier debut album is released on the 25th of August and a two track EP, from which the track below is from, is available now on iTunes.

MP3: The Mummers – 2 Survivors



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