See, I’m not a monster…I’m just ahead of the curve

I rarely, if ever, blog about non-music stuff. But I’m happy to make an exception for this. I’ve been home for almost 4 hours now and I’m just in a sort of trance, not really wanting to do anything; just thinking about this movie.

And what a movie! So rare to see a Summer blockbuster with so much to say and so many ideas. I’m by no means a comic or even a Batman fan but this was utterly fascinating. I always suspected that the plaudits for Heath Ledgers performance as The Joker was party down to some post death fawning, but he truly is utterly fantastic and charismatic as Batman’s archnemisis.

He dominates whatever scene he is in, when he’s not on screen you’re pining for him to return, almost begging that certain scenes were longer just so you could bask in his masterclass performance for a little while longer.

The clash of pragmatism and idealism and chaos vs order is crafted well and makes some suprisingly relevant comments on the post 9/11 world for a ‘mere’ blockbuster. The question of how far do you go to stop an evil that cannot be reasoned with provides an interesting insight into contemporary issues and – without providing spoilers – makes some intelligent comments on the problem with the unravelling of certain characters.

Anyway, it’s the biggest movie in the world at the moment and it’s been out for more than week so I won’t bother with a more indepth review. But if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for!?

Here are some (vaguely) relevant songs to celebrate an outstanding performance by Heath Ledger and the inner Joker in all of us!

MP3: Radiohead – Climbing up the Walls

MP3: Wolfmother – Joker & The Thief


One response to “See, I’m not a monster…I’m just ahead of the curve

  1. Just don’t forget to mention Marcel Woods, am sure you know why I post this here with the picture of Dark Night you’ve put here.

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