Santogold and Diplo – Top Ranking mixtape

I wasn’t completely convinced by Santogold’s arrival on the music scene earlier in the year. Her self titled debut LP received plenty of hype and plaudits, but I wasn’t interested. My ressistance to her music was only strengthed as her songs got everywhere. From hair product commercials, the latest Fifa and Jools Holland. It all seemed a bit dishonest and insincere, was it a genuinely great album or just the latest in the line of Commercial music in sheep’s clothing?

I greeted the singles with a determined indifference and the (now obviously superficial) comparisons beteewn M.I.A reinforced my hostile views. Santogold was a poor mans M.I.A.

However, this mixtape by Diplo has converted me. It’s a very electic and varied mix but it’s base is Dub which transforms and revigorates the same songs that grated into an althougher different and better beast.

The mix includes two original tracks by Santogold, Icarus and Guns of Brooklyn, a cover of the Clash song, Guns of Brixton. Unfortunately these two songs don’t do much for me so I’m not a certified fan just yet but I shall definately be checking out her debut LP that I shunned all those months ago.

It’s also drawn my attention to the ‘Piracy funds Terrorism’ Diplo mixtape, done with M.I.A which is similarlly awesome and provided me with a nice incidental moment when I whent to see The Dark Knight at the 02. When Baile Funk Two, with it’s When Doves Cry sample, started playing as the train pulled into North Greenwich station reminding me of the Prince gigs of last summer. Don’t you love it when music does that?

I’ve attached a couple of the highlights below so you can make your own mind up, hopefully it’ll show you a different side to Santogold like it has done for me.

MP3: Santogold ft Movado – L.E.S Artistes (XXXchange mix)

MP3: Santogold ft Jammer, Badness, Chronik Rage, Slikman & Tempz – Creator (Mumdance mix)


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