Bloc Party – Intimacy: Out tomorrow!

Surprise! In an age where traditional rest/tour/promotion/release cycles are becoming ever more rapid, disjointed and in somes cases, non existent, It shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that Bloc Party have taken little more than 18 months to release a new album. I mean 18 months is plain slothenly in comparison to Los Campesinos!. But still, at least they had the decency to announce their two a year habit a few months before hand, here Bloc Party have given us three days! (Which is made even shorten when certain, also slothenly, bloggers take two of those days to actually report it)

Anyway, it’s called Intimacy, the digital album is out tomorrow – with a physical copy available for the 27th of October – and two of the tracks are available for your listening pleasure already; The already infamous Mercury and the vaguely promising Trojan Horse, which has a sort of welcome return to the tremolo guitars and bouncing bass that Bloc Party made their fame on. Trojan Horse is linked and streamed below.

Exciting times!


01 Ares
02 Mercury
03 Halo
04 Biko
05 Trojan Horse
06 Signs
07 One Month Off
08 Zephyrus
09 Better Than Heaven
10 Ion Square

Bloc Party – Intimacy is available for digital download on the 21st of August and a physical verision is available to pre-order for release on the 27th of October.

EDIT: Changed the download to 256kb file as a thanks for the hundreds of hits! And at the time of writing, No.5 on Hypemachine, cheers guys. (Shame this song is one of the few good tracks on the album eh?)

MP3: Bloc Party – Trojan Horse


3 responses to “Bloc Party – Intimacy: Out tomorrow!

  1. Thanks for the news. Also, I think that Trojan Horse sounds way better than Mercury.

  2. Wow that came out of nowhere. Thanks for the news! And I don’t know why everyone hates on Mercury… that’s such a good song

  3. wow – bloc party are sooooooo cooooool just like the the cure but soooooooooooo now……….wow!

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