Long Blondes Compilation coming this Fall

The Long Blondes aren’t exactly the most famous of bands and they’ve only released two albums, both of which have lingered at the bottom, or outside, the top 40. So you wouldn’t say they are prime candidates for a compilation album.

But like plenty of post-punkers before them, they have a lot of loose change, a load of B-sides and other rarities floating about, out there on the internets, out of reach for the average music fan. To remedy this situation, they’ve decided to release a compilation of their early singles, uninventively titled – Singles. The release will feature 12 tracks and is due to be released on the 20th of October on CD and Digital Download formats.

And to sweeten the deal, the compilation will also include an unreleased track – Peterborough. And for those concerned for guitarist Dorian Cox’s welfare, according to a Pitchfork report on this story he’s “doing much better” and is “on the road to recovery”


01 New Idols
02 Long Blonde
03 Autonomy Boy
04 Giddy Stratospheres
05 Polly
06 Darts
07 Appropriation (By Any Other Name)
08 My Heart Is Out of Bounds
09 Lust in the Movies
10 Separated by Motorways
11 Big Infatuation
12 Peterborough

[Audio http://jorichards77.googlepages.com/02AutonomyBoy.mp3%5D

The Long Blondes – Autonomy Boy


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