Crystal Castles Not So Bad Afterall?

Crystal Castles have always come across as the token ‘electro’ band for NME readers and alts who would like to at least try and present a thin veneer of ‘open mindedness’ and having a wide taste in music. When in reality they exclusively listen to increasingly derivative guitar bands, like The Pidgeon Detectives and The Enemy, borne out of some misguided brand loyalty.

The duo’s embarrassing legal disputes with other 8-bit songsters, copyright fights with seemingly everyone from Chanel to paraphilia artist Trevor Brown. Appearances on embarrassingly ‘youf’ targeted ‘comedy drama’ Skins and an apparently close relationship with zeitgeist setters, THE NME, only reinforced the sense of a bland NME-friendly electro band, destined to be the next vacuous big thing. Even the front woman, Alice Glass, looks like a ready made wet dream for alts and converse fetishists. Resplendent in charity shop chic, skinny jeans and androgynous haircut.

Despite this worrying brand placement and intellectual property theft. I must admit this song/remix is an engaging attempt at ‘blip-pop’, which pitch shifted vocals and glitchy 8-bit bursts straight from a Gameboy soundtrack, although the video, that brought my attention to this song, is a little indulgent and ‘LOOK AT ME’, with Alice indulging in some interesting attempts at auto asphyxiation.

MP3: Crystal Castles vs HEALTH – Crimewave

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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