Metallica – The Day That Never Comes Video

I’ve always liked Metallica. Their 80’s output is undeniably brilliant. But since their 80’s/early 90’s heyday, like many other Metal bands of that period, they’ve struggled to retain that golden form. Whether their latest release, Death Magnetic, can change all that remains to be seen, but this song is a good start. 

Apparently in the studio sessions producer Rick Rubin told them that Master of Puppets was their best album and to imagine that they were contractually obligued to write a follow up in the same year. It’s an interesting approach to reinvigorating a band that has been long dead in a creative sense and it might just have paid off with this song being very evocative of their epic 80’s output. Even the video has a very indulgent, over the top 80’s vibe to it, down to the fact that it doesn’t appear to have much point to it, but maybe the tension in the video that ultimately comes to nothing is intentional, afterall the song is called The Day That Never Comes. 

The song itself is more in the drawn out epic ballad camp of Metallica songs, rather than the tharshy rock out one. It’s not until half way that the song picks up out of its gentle and clean arpgreggios, but even then it never really hits Battery or Seek and Destroy levels of thrash goodness. 

A good effort overall and a promising glimpse into what is being billed as Metallica’s creative ressurection. 

MP3: Metallica – Seek and Destroy

Death Magnetic is released on September 12th

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