New Bloc Party – Talons

Bloc Party have unveiled a new song on their Myspace, this was apparently the last song of the ‘Intimacy sessions’ and I imagine it will appear on the physical CD release come October. Unfortunately it shares a lot of the traits with the rest of the depressingly average album.

Over produced sound? Check
Messy guitar riff with plenty of effects? Check
Unsubstantial Electronic flotsam to show a ‘progression’ of sound? Check
Awfully earnest and clunky lyrics? Check
Shouty chorus? Check

Oh what have you done with yourselves Bloc Party?

Because my Internet/PC/Google space is being stupid, You can go to Bloc Party’s Myspace, if rightfully, you don’t want to clog your hard drive up with this.

MP3: Bloc Party – Talons

MP3: Bloc Party – Tulips (Minotaur Remix)


3 responses to “New Bloc Party – Talons

  1. And you show how limited ur musical taste is…Intimacy is amazing.

  2. I don’t see how my opinion on Intimacy and my breadth of taste is related. But thanks!

  3. you’re silly.
    this track is amazing.
    have a nice Christmas.

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