New Love Lockdown

Off Kanye’s blog as per usual.

So Kanye is obviously very receptive and concerned about my criticisms of Love Lockdown and has rejigged the song in the space of 9 days in an attempt to win my favour. This is a nice precedent and would be something I would like to see other bands attempt in the future!

Anyway, in all seriousness this version is marginally better than the one posted up last week, which was obviously rushed to capitalise on the publicity of the live performance. On the blog itself Kanye admitted that he only wrote the song a week and a half before the VMAs, so it’s bound to still sound quite rough and ready.

The drums and chorus vocals, that were pathetically weak under the drums in the first version and featured Kanye clapping like an over enthusiastic child trying to compensate for his poor singing, have been beefed up and it has a more professional sheen to it thanks to the extra time in the studio.

However there are no new verses to break up the repetition of the song, the sound quality is still really low and crackly, if that’s a symptom of the streaming limitations, a lack of production time or something intentional that Kanye thinks is a good idea, (The breaking up on “SYSTEM OVERLOOOADDD” Is intentional I imagine) we don’t know.

But an improvement’s an improvement. And it’s welcomed Mr West.

MP3: Kanye West – Young Folks [Zshare link]


7 responses to “New Love Lockdown

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  2. Could you re-upload Young Folks?

  3. Done. Zshare link up.

  4. In regard to the Young Folks track, I just lost whatever respect I had left for that mr. West.. What a sell-out, and what a pathetic ruin of a perfect song! Ditch this! Please

  5. Nice he could admit it, thats good enough for a fan like me

  6. oh man, so I can’t download that young folks remix. could you re-upload it again?

    or just email it to me?

  7. The Zshare link is fine for me???

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