I’d just like to take a short from from my (nearly) regular blogging and ask a question of my readership, if I have one to question.

How can I make this blog look better?

What would you like changed or introduced to improve the blog for you?

How could the blog be more functional?

I ask because I’ve been getting frustrated with the default Kubrick theme. It is absolutely perfect (to me at least) design wise, I love the minimal and unintrusive lines, I’ve looked and tried plenty of other templates, but I always comeback to Kubrick.

But Kubrick has one small problem that really bugs me. No sidebar on individual post links! For example:


It makes the blog look really rubbish and (more) amateurish. I hate how the dimensions of the page stay the same, by the sidebar disappears and the post is centered it looks really untidy and triggers the obsessive compulsive hidden away inside of me.

And considering that around 50-70% of my hits, and likely all of my vistors that visit the blog for music content, come through Hypemachine, which will always dump visitors at post pages like that, it is exactly that sort of nightmare of design that will greet the majority of my visitors.

I considering buying some Custom CSS, but it looks very tricky and it turns out you can’t actually get a sidebar with the Kubrick template on wordpress.com blogs fullstop. So I can either.

* Leave WordPress for Blogspot.

* Get some hosting and a WordPress.org account.

* Get the custom CSS and play around with other templates.


* Do nothing.

I’m a complete cheapskate where possible, so the first and last options are the most inviting. For the more observant amongst you, I did used to have a Blogspot blog, but I rarely updated it and no one visited it, so I made a fresh start here.

There’s no doubting that a WordPress.com blog is far better out of the box, but it doesn’t take long till you start feeling constrained by the template format, which I guess is the point.

Blogspot on the other hand can be a complete nightmare to get looking decent, but once you’ve learnt the ropes the possibilities are endless. But it is worth it for a measly sidebar?

You’re the readers, so I value your imput.


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