Little Boots: BBC Sound of 2009?


The Little Boots’ hype machine seems to be going up a gear, just as the BBC Sound of 2009 is to be announced – coincidence?

A radio edit of Stuck on Repeat with new sparkly production (perhaps a bit too sparkly) is the iTunes single of the week – available here – and she seems to be getting name checked everywhere.

All will be revealed tomorrow.

The album seems to be nearly done too!

Happy two thousand and nine everyone….

Hello from Hollywood. I’m out here for a couple of weeks finishing the album. Its nearly there i promise, but if you want a taster ‘Stuck on Repeat’ is iTunes (UK) Single of the Week all of this week, so you can download it for absolutely nothing HERE. It forms part of a three track EP you can buy which also includes a piano/ tenori-on version of ‘Meddle’ similar to the one I performed on Jools Holland, and a cover of a great song by Giorgio Moroder and Freddie Mercury called ‘Love Kills’. Hope you enjoy.

Also, I have been shortlisted for the BBC Sounds of 2009 Poll. The top 5 acts are being announced every day this week on BBC 6 Music and the BBC website so tune in and keep your fingers crossed for me!

Check the myspace for new tour dates and the likes, and I will no doubt be posting silly blogs from la la land if you need to kill time at work over at

Bye 4 now.

very little boots x

I’ll be posting my 10 top albums of 2008 tomorrow, to coincide – yea, that’s it – with the Hypemachine announcing the ‘blogosphere’s’ top 10, so stay tuned!

MP3: Little Boots – Meddle (Joker Remix)


One response to “Little Boots: BBC Sound of 2009?

  1. Great Post, i love Joker, check out “Snake Eater” if you havent already.

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