Kanye releases interesting new video. Drops new video

So here’s the new video for what was presumably going to be the next single from 808s & Heartbreak, the middling Welcome to Heartbreak.

Until Chairlift dropped their video for the middling Evident Utensil a week beforehand…

I don’t see why he needs to drop it. It’s not as if he’s been bashful about aping other artists work in the past, not that that’s the case here, I presume it’s just an unlucky coincidence in this case, but everyone remembers this outburst over Touch the Sky losing out to Justice vs Simian’s We Are Your Friends video at the E.M.As don’t they?

So the director of the Justice vs Simian video and the similarly acclaimed D.A.N.C.E video:

Ends up being acquired by Kanye to produce a strikingly similar pop art/graffiti stylee video for the Good Life.

So I doubt Kanye not using this video is anything to do with his morals, probably just another hissy fit.

I never knew that I was innovating visual art when my computer froze and caused pixels to blur all over the place either.

MP3: Kanye West – Welcome to Heartbreak
MP3: Kanye West – Good Life


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