The Dead Weather


Yeah, Jack White has another band. The man’s clearly got a lot of creativity that he needs an outlet for, it’s the only way to explain his eagerness to sign up for doing the Bond theme and his numerous other side projects, but three bands?

Although it is admittedly impressive that the group and all those involved have managed to keep this mini-supergroup under wraps until their first single, Hang You From The Heavens, and a cover of Gary Numan’s, Are Friends Electric? was released on iTunes, heralded by a selection of (speedier) music sites and blogs, I can’t really see the justification for another band, unless all Jack White’s other band mates are quite lazy. Maybe the guy just wants to let everyone know he can play the drums?

As, from what I’ve heard, The Dead Weathers don’t really deviate that far from the Garage/Blues sound that The White Stripes, or should I say, Jack White is synonymous and loved/hated for. Even when covering Gary Numan, it’s pretty much straight rock ‘n’ roll. Having the charisma and distinctive vocals of The Kills’ – another lo-fi/garage rock band – Alison Mosshart on the record may help spice things up and prevent the band from sound too much like another poor man’s White Stripes, or worse yet a poor man’s Raconteurs, but I’m not hopeful.

Regardless, there’s an album, Horehound, due in June. Hopefully it’ll beat my low expectations.

MP3: The Dead Weather – Are Friends Electric?


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