Bloc Party do a(nother) Radiohead


Much of my review of the frustratingly middling Intimacy was based around the observation that the band had a precocious desire to expand their sound that wasn’t matched by their ability, that they were an underachiever’s Radiohead grasping for a Kid A, but coming up Kid B (fnar fnar -that was an awful pun).

Anyway, in their apparent desire to follow in the footsteps of Radiohead sonically, they’ve also been following their business models. First, we had the surprise download only release; now we have the very ‘Web 2.0’ idea of releasing ‘stems’ for every aspiring remixer to play around with their favourite Bloc Party tracks off of Intimacy, and in just this instance, it might be an area where they’ve bettered Radiohead.

The stems, obtainable from Bloc Party’s homepage, unlike Radiohead’s Reckoner remix promo, are free, and in this instance Bloc Party have made available the stems from three songs: Signs, Ares and Ion Square.

It’s not quite a completely selfless, altruistic endeavor in the interests of art, obviously, there is a commercial interest at heart; Bloc Party have a Intimacy remix album out on the 11th of May. I suppose whether that’s a good thing depends on whether you agreed or disagreed with my pessimistic review of the original album.

MP3: Bloc Party – Ares


Review: Bloc Party – Intimacy


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