Bat for Lashes ‘Daniel’ on Jools

On first listen this first single from Bat for Lashes’ excellent Two Suns does sound like a token 80s throwback that seems so in vogue recently; everyone’s been doing the synthpop sound for quite a while now, and it’ll only get more unbearable as 2009 goes on and it reaches its inevitable critical mass.

This however, in typical Bat for Lashes fashion, is pretty fresh and inventive sounding. In a way she’s always been drawing influences from the 80s, her first album was very Kate Bush, so perhaps that explains why she sounds so assured in drawing less idiosyncratic and niche influences from that decade.

The performance itself is very accomplished. Electro of any leaning can often sound messy and dated live, let alone electro from a decade infamous for embarrassingly dated sounding records, but it sounds pretty, pretty good here.

MP3: Bat for Lashes – Daniel


One response to “Bat for Lashes ‘Daniel’ on Jools

  1. audiblevisible

    killer track. sent via hypem

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