Little Boots hype machine cranks up, Vivian Girls new video too

After a blog centuries worth of hype, Little Boot’s debut album is nearly here. As the BBC Sound of 2009 she’s been receiving a lot of hype over here in the UK at least. Above is a slightly irksome/cute/awkward interview and live performance on BBC Breakfast of her Italo Disco styled Stuck on Repeat using her famed tenori-on.

Then there’s the official music video for New in Town…pretty nice.

And finally there’s a performance of album track, and presumably, future single, Remedy. Not sure I like it as much as Meddle or Stuck on Repeat, but it’ll probably be a grower and sound a lot better on record than that slightly nervy live performance gives credit for. Why does she keep swinging her arms about like that? Slightly strange.

In other news…The Vivian Girls have a new video out, expect a new album from them by the time the year’s out. They don’t seem to have moved on massively in terms of sound, it’s still that lo-fi jangly garage pop, which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you felt about their debut album (I very much liked it). The visuals however are a bit more overtly humourous than the straight-faced and self-aware affair that was Tell the World. All in all it’s a nice little effort to throw off the ‘humourless’ and pretentious tags that got thrown at them last year.

Vivian Girls – Moped Girls video (courtesy of Pitchfork)

MP3: Little Boots – New in Town (Emil & Friends Remix)

MP3: Vivian Girls – Girl Don’t Tell Me


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