Animal Collective prep Summertime Clothes release with awesome Dam-Funk remix


As if releasing one of the albums of 2009 so far wasn’t enough to please me, Animal Collective are also featuring a remix of their next single, Summertime Clothes (Out July 7th), by one of my favourite new acts that I’ve discovered this year, Dam-Funk.

As his alias suggests, his music is strictly in the Funk catergory, but we’re talking funk of the interstellar variety. The sort of Funk you can imagine aliens listening to late in the evening whilst they’re riding through the cosmosphere. If you’re of my age and inclination, think of the soundtrack of the Sonic the Hedgehog games and you’re not far off. If you’re not as young (or as old) as me, or if you’re too cool for videogames – It’s all crisp, syncopated 4/4 beats being ridden by thickly layered spacey synths that drive a groove that is relentless, but so laid back and cool at the same time. It’s very 80s, very West Coast. Pastel suits, sunglasses at night, Miami Vice sort of shit. He also uses the term ‘funkmosphere’ quite liberally, what’s there not to like?

Looking forward to a full album release this year. Definitely one to watch if you like your Funk or laid-back instrumentals.

Check out the great Animal Collective remix below. And then check out the even better Galactic Fun from his Burgundy City 12′, available, along with the rest of his fledgling discography on Stones Throw records.

MP3: Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes (Dam-Funk remix)
MP3: Dam-Funk – Galactic Fun


2 responses to “Animal Collective prep Summertime Clothes release with awesome Dam-Funk remix

  1. Awesome remix!!

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