Magistrates – Heartbreak


Those with a sharp memory will remember that I posted about these boys from Essex way back in July of last year, when I described their music as…

‘an interesting fusion of funk and pop. Imagine the early Prince, The Ohio Players and Kool & the Gang. It’s funk of the scratchy and organic variety rather than the outrageous p-funk of say Funkadelic or Parliament. Chicken-scratch guitars and nervy cymbal clashes rather than outrageous basslines and synths.’

The track I posted back then was ‘Make This Work‘ which, as I listen to whilst making this post, is as eminently catchy as it was when I first heard it last summer. Really good white-boy funk. Very catchy.

Anyway, despite my cocksure prediction that it would be ‘only a matter of time before they get their big break’ Magistrates sort of fell off my radar for the rest of 2008, but they’ve reappeared on it with this track. Heartbreak is very much in the pop category of things. Compared to the lo-fi ‘garage-funk’ stylings of Make This Work, this has a very clean and accomplished production befitting of its sparkly synth-pop. It’s still got elements of funk to it, the chicken scratch guitar is still there, which lends bite to the crystalline production, but with its big chorus and simple pop melody delivered on consciously retro keys it’s more Justin Timberlake than early Prince, not that that’s a bad thing (and not that there’s necessarily a huge difference) when it’s done this well. Another catchy summer anthem then, see you this time next year, I guess.

EDIT:As ever, my finger is firmly on the pulse of popular music. This is now single of the week on iTunes!

MP3: Magistrates – Heartbreak


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