Epic Fail

Ahhhhhhh fuuuuck.

Now that my first year at University is done with I’ve begun blogging in earnest in the past week, but I’m a bit rusty. After watching a toothless Manchester United concede their Champions League title last night, I decided to cheer myself up by looking at some blog stats – I know, very rock and roll, but it gets me off and feeds my inner narcissist knowing that hundreds dozens of you flock to this blog on a daily basis.

But I’ve been doing it very wrong. No one’s really been looking at the blogging I’ve been doing over the past week, because I’m a bit rusty after all the intermittent blogging I’ve been doing over the past months I’ve rather absent mindedly uploaded my files to zshare instead of yousendit, which means no hits or hype on the Hypemachine.

Ugghh, so er, feel free to make me feel a bit better about myself and check out some of the music I’ve posted over the past week that you haven’t been reading because you probably didn’t know it existed. Think of it as a new weekly feature that probably won’t be appearing ever again.

Thursday, May 21st: Emil & Friends – Downed Economy

Friday, May 22nd: Animal Collective prep Summertime Clothes release with awesome Dam-Funk remix
MP3: Dam-Funk – Galactic Fun

Saturday, May 23rd: Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks video might give you nightmares

Monday, May 25th: Magistrates – Heartbreak
MP3: Magistrates – Heartbreak

Wednesday, May 27th: Jack White’s new side-project still sounds like all his other projects and side-projects
MP3: The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother

Normal service will be resumed shortly.


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