New Mars Volta – Cotopaxi and Since We’ve Been Wrong

Two new-ish Mars Volta tracks to share with you. Cotopaxi and Since We’ve Been Wrong.

Since We’ve Been Wrong appears to be what pops into Omar’s head when he decides to write an ‘acoustic’ album. Sure, it’s got an acoustic guitar in it, but it’s not exactly the stripped down, minimal sound you expect when someone says ‘acoustic album’. For the opening minute or so, behind the arpeggiated guitar riffs and Cedric’s (relatively) hushed vocals, a delayed, reverberating electric guitar pulses in the background but only until the chorus hits and it explodes into a latin infused guitar solo. By the final minute of the song there’s at lease two extra layers of guitars throw in, some strings and other ethereal, ambient sounds all join the mix. Not exactly a James Blunt strumfest, thankfully and very good.

Cotopaxi, however, is probably my favourite of the two singles. It’s the same sort of interstellar, operatic prog-rock featuring Cedric’s typically octave bursting wails completely unrestrained by any acoustic nonsense. It’s got a great Schizoid Man style break with a tight interplay between the shuffling drums and relentlessly ascending guitar. Your ‘typical’ Mars Volta song, if such a thing exists. Since We’ve Been Wrong feels restricted by its acoustic stylings, that it never really sticks to, this song has no pretensions and just goes straight out the blocks.

Both songs are very good, though. This could be my sort of acoustic album.

You can dig a little deeper and check out their ‘interactive artwork experience site’ which features what is presumably going to be the album artwork,a stream of Since We’ve Been Wrong, pictures of the band and lyrics to Cotopaxi to check out, if you like that sort of thing.

The artwork is pretty special. I’m not sure if it’s a contender for best or worst album artwork of the year so far though…it certainly evokes something in me.

The Mars Volta’s fifth album, Octahedron, is due out on the 23rd of June.

1. “Since We’ve Been Wrong” 7:20
2. “Teflon” 5:04
3. “Halo of Nembutals” 5:30
4. “With Twilight as My Guide” 7:52
5. “Cotopaxi” 3:38
6. “Desperate Graves” 4:56
7. “Copernicus” 7:22
8. “Luciforms” 8:21

I just hope the album is more De-Loused than Bedlam.

MP3: The Mars Volta – Cotopaxi
MP3: The Mars Volta – Since We’ve Been Wrong


One response to “New Mars Volta – Cotopaxi and Since We’ve Been Wrong

  1. The Schizoid Man breakdown in the middle of Cotapaxi completely took me by surprise. How cool to hear them pay tribute to a band that MUST have influenced them.

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