Regina Spektor’s new song and video is really, really bad

Regina Spektor‘s always been an artist I’ve always wanted to get into, but as many times as I’ve been drawn into her by a song, there’s been a time where I’ve something that really grinds my gears. I’ve never really been a fan of ‘minimal’ stripped down singer-songwriter ‘guff’ and she’s always toed that line between earnest sentimentality and trite banality a little too much.

This song and this video is an example of the times she’s grinded my gears…

Ignoring the song’s complete lack of dynamism and a hook. Ignoring Regina’s constant force-feeding of an unbearably schmaltzy and infuriatingly smug ‘God’ idea that sounds like something a stoner would profoundly come up with in the middle of a high before coming down and relishing what rubbish they’ve spoken. Ignoring the awfully meandering and limp lines that just further embarrass what is essentially a simple idea by butchering its execution (and make her sound like she may have been high when she performed as well as conceived the song)

Ignoring all these things. The music video looks like an extremely vivid and unbearably ‘naff’ nightmare. What are meant to presumably be abstract, metaphysical landscapes look like they were made sometimes in the mid 90s, perhaps modeled using a Sony Playstation. It looks like a video made by whatever the bland piano-pop equivalent of pen and pixel is. Instead of lens flared, Mercedes, gold chains, guns, we get huge apples, lots of Reginas and she takes off her head, wow! The aching earnestness of her face throughout it all! God..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Her voice annoys me too, it’s got that child-like Joanna Newsomishness going on which just feels so affected, unnatural and put on.

It’s a shame because I really like Blue Lips which I first heard on Jools Holland earlier in the month, It has the same sort of fragile earnestness, the same repetition of a clear, simple ‘humanistic’ theme, but it manages to get it right in all the places that Laughing With doesn’t.

Perhaps I will give her a chance. Sometime.

MP3: Regina Spektor – Laughing With


Ugh, what a rant. Three (mainly) negative posts in a row! I’ll try and post something I actually like later.


4 responses to “Regina Spektor’s new song and video is really, really bad

  1. I actually liked the song simple but preety touching which im tipping was the outcome she was after, sorta see what i mean thou few valid points;”sounds like something a stoner would profoundly come up with in the middle of a high before coming down and relishing what rubbish they’ve spoken” Ha, But i recon thats what makes this song so good its irony even if it is a touch corney

  2. chasestraight

    Maybe I’m playing too hard into the theory of relativity, but the new track isn’t nearly as bad as you make it out to be. I guess if you want to analyze the indie microcosm you could make it out to be bad, but jesus (pun intended), this song is pretty damn good by comparison to most of the garbage out there.

    Songs don’t have to be chained down by a memorable hook (Animal Collective’s last offering, for example), and this is one of them. Simple, minimalist, and peaceful. Something nice you can listen to on a dreary day. I say cheers to you, Regina Spektor.

  3. Songs don’t have to have a memorable hook, no. But that’s not really the problem here for me. It’s the complete lack of dynamism or progression in the music, coupled with the unbearable, smug piety of the lyrics.

    I’m glad people like it though.

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