Bloc Party – One More Chance

Hummm. Further down the rabbithole they go.

It’s probably better than anything off Intimacy, but that’s really not saying much. They still sound incredibly…stilted, caught between two places. It’s almost like you can feel the tension within the band in the music. Perhaps best exampled by the fact that a The House inspired piano intro and the fuzzed out, Silent Alarm era guitar solo exists in the same track. It doesn’t sound ‘innovative’ ‘brave’ or ‘fresh’ it just sounds fractured. Like Lissack’s gone away and Kele have both gone away and written two entirely different songs.

Bloc Party‘s greatest strength was always the unity and driven nature of their music. That tight interplay between the frantic guitar riffs, the relentless drums and Kele’s desperate, wordless yelps. I really appreciate what they’re trying to do here; I’d always rather a band do what they’re doing rather than say, what Franz Ferdinand have done, but this still isn’t hitting the spot.

MP3: Bloc Party – One More Chance
MP3: Bloc Party – Compliments (Shibuyaka Remix)


One response to “Bloc Party – One More Chance

  1. One More Chance is dope, the quality sucks , the the piano break alone makes is work.


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