New Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning

So, the first single. Can definitely feel the Homme influence here, it’s not quite Black Sabbath, but it does channel Queens of the Stone Age a little bit. Alex’s vocals are low, the sound is dark, the guitar tone is greasy, fuzzed out and raw as opposed to the Monkey’s usual bouncy, tight guitar sound. Definitely seems like they’re moving away from their garage/post-punk stylings to something much heavier. Takes the darker moments of Favourite Worst Nightmareand pushes it that little bit further.

It’s not an immediately obvious choice for a single. Very dark and cavernous and has no immediate hooks, but its a grower. Can’t imagine it’ll be the blockbusting hit that Bet You Look Good or Brianstorm was, its not as explosive as those tracks, but its definitely got me intruged for the rest of the album. Bring on August! Or at least the inevitable leak in late July.

MP3: Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning


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