Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning Video

The song’s still growing on me; I like the grungy, stoner rock vibes, but the video takes that aesthetic a little too far with a strange, vaguely mythological journey that doesn’t really go anywhere and, apart from a few shots of Helders, doesn’t have any of the humour that usually features. A bit po-faced, a little cheap-looking, a bit shit.


In related Humbug hype… some scans from the bands Q magazine appearance are here.

Also, a new track from the album, ‘My Propeller’ is also ‘out there’. It’s being cracked down on heavily as it was here at We All Want Someone To Shout For (and I don’t actually have it…yet) so I’ll simply leave you with that nugget of information to do with as you please and instead give you the gift of the superlative Balaclava.

Humbug is out on Domino Records 8/25

MP3: Arctic Monkeys – Balaclava


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