(MOAR!)New Arctic Monkeys – My Propeller

Update: Nothing to see here now anyway. Backward label/internet policing don’t want the free publicity.

Yeah, yeah I know. More Arctic Monkeys.

Another day, another track. Can’t be long till the whole thing leaks, surely? Not sure if I like this one as much as Crying Lightning, but maybe it’s a grower.

I am beginning to get worried about the pervading minor-key, stoner rock sound that’s coming out of this album. I was anticipating something heavier, but this transformation seems to be posing the danger of losing the frenetic wit and bombast that their previous albums had. It’s a bit slurred and muddy in comparison.

In related news: The band will be playing a live webcast of the new album, Humbug, come July 30th, here. So we’ll be hearing the whole thing very, very soon.

Below is a low (low) quality rip of the new song, it’ll have to do for now.

Link: http://webtransmission.arcticmonkeys.com/


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