Uprising – Muse

Same sort of anthemic, mid-tempo Muse. Iconoclastic lyrics. Synths. 4/4 disco style stomp, similar to Supermassive Black Hole in its dance influences.

S’ok. Needs a bigger chorus or something to shift it up a gear. It just stumbles on a bit aimlessly as it is.

Goldfrapp without the swagger.

MP3: Muse – Uprising Second Link Third Link
MP3: Muse – Citizen Erased (Hullabaloo live version)


4 responses to “Uprising – Muse

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  2. I love how you just compared my two favorite bands ever.

    . . . also a bit disappointed in this track though.

  3. can u re-up the muse track…even the second link says out of bandwith…thanks man!

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