Vivian Girls are back

The only band that can best Los Campesinos! in terms of getting albums out quickly have had their new album, Everything Goes Wrong, leaked a few days ago. Recorded in a leisurely six days, as opposed to the brisk three days in which their self-titled debut was rushed out in, the album is very much in the same vein as all Vivian Girls’ output so far. As you would expect, they haven’t gone for a sparkly new-wave, or a greasy stoner rock sound as seems to be the in thing for any new band to try on their second or third album. Instead it’s the same old slabs of reverberating guitars, driving basslines and piercing drums that all melds together to make a gloriously riotous wall of noise.

The band often gets a lot of bad press and flak for being talentless hipsters. People go on about being duped by them, that somehow they’re out to fool people by producing lo-fi garage rock, but I don’t really concern myself with it. Sure, they’re not the most virtuosic players of their respective instruments, and their compositions are very, very simplistic, but I like their sound. People get too caught up on what the artist intends and forget to just switch off and enjoy what they’ve done.

If you liked the first, you’ll probably like this; If you didn’t, you won’t. On a first listen, I’m not sure If I prefer it to their debut, but it’s nice enough.

I think this is one of my favourites so far…

MP3: Vivian Girls – Out For The Sun


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