Them Crooked Vultures – Nobody Loves Me And Neither Do I

I’ll be honest, if this band wasn’t consisted of two members from two of the best rock bands of the last 50 years – and Dave Grohl – I wouldn’t be the slight bit interested in this; the band’s name is awful, this song’s name is awful (it could be a MCR song title) and Jack White alone has made me sick to death of the recent wave of blues-rock revivalism.

Thankfully, my passing, former glory based interest in this potentially awesome fusion of Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, and, er…The Foo Fighters is somewhat repaid by that juicy little 14 second snippet. It’s too small a window into whatever their doing to justify the huge expectations, I’m still quite pessimistic, but it is a rather nice riff. I like to think I’m open minded and quite cultured when it comes to music, appreciating subtly and the more nuanced aspects of sound; I listen to piano sonatas, love ambient music and so on, but I’ve got to admit that a huge clunking fist of a rock riff like the one below is so so satisfying on an unashamedly, air guitar playing, head-nodding, crotch thrusting level.

Ah, I think I’m going to have a Led Zeppelin and QOTSA riff-a-thon evening, might even throw some Foo Fighters in if I’m feeling generous.

Expectations: Raised, ever so slightly.

There’s also some blurry and bassy mobile phone records of their first live performance from a few days back that you can peruse if you’re really interested, though it’s near impossible to make anything out from them.

The band also have a Twitter to spread their viral marketing through, if you want to be the first to hear of any updates, add it.

MP3: Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song HTWWW Version
MP3: QOTSA – Burn The Witch


4 responses to “Them Crooked Vultures – Nobody Loves Me And Neither Do I

  1. “if this band wasn’t consisted of”

    you should learn english before foisting your opinions on the world

    • Says a clearly butt-hurt Foo Fighters fan who not only forgot to employ a full stop, but has clearly misunderstood the meaning of the verb ‘foisting’.


  2. Well if you knew anything about music than you would know that Josh was in a band b4 Queens called Kyuss and Foo Fighters is way kickass. Go back and do a bit of research. The first few FF albums are amazing as well as who the band members are. Look into it, you’ll be suprised.

    • I did know that Josh was in band called Kyuss before Queens, I just don’t see why I would have to mention that in the post. I’m sure you realise that too as the true intent behind your comment becomes clear as you do another butt-hurt, semi-sensical defence of the Foo Fighters which is purel built around the supposition that I haven’t listened to them.

      I have.

      ‘way kickass’

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