New Radiohead??? – These Are My Twisted Words

I was going to bed, but this is big. Pitchfork have ordered someone into their offices after hours, Atease, the premiere fan forums for Radiohead and the origin of this mysterious leak, is crashing, Twitter trending topics are emerging, and everywhere seems buzzing about this in a way that hasn’t been seen since, well, since In Rainbows popped up out of nowhere.

Is it Radiohead? That does sound like Thom, and it’s not like there isn’t a precedent for new material appearing out of nowhere, but there’s something about this. It doesn’t quite fit.

The little turning on sound at the start sounds quite gimmicky, almost something they would do in The Bends era, I know it’s a minor thing, but still. In fact, everything about it sounds like a B-side from that Bends – Ok Computer era – only not as good.

Without what does seem to be Thom’s vocals, I would dismiss this as some obsessive on atease forums, of which there are many, simply trying his hard at aping Radiohead and then trying a little mischief on the internets.

I’ve spun it 4 times so far and I can’t really pick one thing I like about it. It’s very languid, it locks into that groove from the off and doesn’t really break or change up like Radiohead songs tend to do. The lyrics are a little uninspired and workman like, perhaps moreso than the Harry Patch. The echoing guitar appreggios seem like Greenwood in auto-pilot, in general it just seems like an imitation. There’s quite a few Radiohead songs that I dislike, but usually I can appreciate they tried something with it, it has that Radiohead spirit, this song doesn’t have that. It just doesn’t feel like Radiohead. I feel like I’m being duped.

Maybe I’m just too tired.


MP3: Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words


2 responses to “New Radiohead??? – These Are My Twisted Words

  1. it’s not fake, they have it posted on their website as a free track

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